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The 780 Club is open to everyone with a 780, as well as anyone interested in what the machine can do. We will meet the first Tuesday of each month @ 9:30 AM for an hour. The session is to discuss the Elna 780 menus, feet: such as fee motion, binding, piping, zipper, etc. & tips & tricks. The club is hosted by Peggy Raley, Linda Griffin, and/or Tish Smith. These gals have over 150 years of experience combined! Wow, put this eyeballs back in, they can all still walk/talk and more importantly THINK...... The 2019 Date Schedule is as follows: January 8th June 4th February 5th September 3rd March 5th October 1st April 2nd November 5th May 7th December 3rd ***July and August - No sessions - Summer Camps in Session

Cost: $ FREE
Learn how to start machine quilting with confidence.

Cost: $ 60.00
A baby poppins of the Mama one.

Cost: $ 15.00
Learn how to cut and sew a quilt top.

Cost: $ 95.00
Tote using 2 1/2" Strips

Cost: $ 45.00
All pieces are pre-cut and kitted for your convenience.

Cost: $ 15.00
The Sew It Fabulous (SIF) Accuquilt Club is the First Saturday of each month. The club is for anyone who has an Accuquilt. **If you do not have one and want to find out more, come join us** Refreshments will be served. No sewing machine needed.

Cost: $ FREE